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The Benefits of Bath Bombs

We have traditional bath bombs, donut bath bombs, and milkshake bath bombs. Check out our store and try them all! You deserve to feel great in the skin that you’re in. 

Top Unique Gifts for Mom this Mother’s Day

Top Unique Gifts for Mom this Mother's Day

What does Mom really want for Mother’s Day? You could get her flowers that will die in a few days, again, but if she’s like most Moms what she really needs is a break.  Moms at any age usually take on both careers and housework. They are the person everyone calls when they’re upset. When […]

Handmade Soaps: 4 Benefits You Can’t Ignore

Handmade Soaps Variety

It has been common knowledge for a long time now that modern cosmetics are just concoctions of chemicals. They do little towards improving the skin and more towards damaging it. The widespread availability and trend of moving away from the old ways have made many of us accustomed to the use of products that are […]

Body Scrub: The Do’s and Don’ts

Body Scrub Cream in Jar

Body scrubs help the skin in several ways: removing dead skin, cleansing the pores, and preventing ingrown hair. These scrubs, when used properly, help the skin absorb moisturizers more efficiently, leaving the skin glowing and healthy. If you don’t know how to exfoliate with a body scrub, we’re here to help you! The Dos of […]

4 Benefits of Body Scrub

Benefits of Body Scrubs

Body scrubs leave our skin feeling like that of a diva’s! Learn about the benefits of a body scrub and see how it can leave your skin supple, soft, and glowing.

Bath Bombs: 8 Beneficial Ingredients

Bath bombs in bathtub

Are you on the lookout for bath bombs that contain safe ingredients for a perfect at-home spa day? We have the best natural, cruelty-free options for you.

What Does Blooming Mean in Bath Bombs (and How to Do It)?

What does blooming mean in bath bombs? If you have been making or using bath bombs for some time, you may have heard of the term “blooming.” Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook have blown up this bath bomb technique, and for a good reason. The blooming process will allow you to enjoy your […]

Our Favorite Decorative Soap Products

Teddy Bear Heart Soap

La Savonnerie Divine has a vast catalog of soap and personal care products for you to enjoy. Our products are made using natural ingredients that are meant to soothe and moisturize. Not only do our products care for your skin, but they also look and smell great! Our decorative soap products are some of the […]

Can You Use Bath Bombs While Pregnant?

Can you use bath bombs while pregnant

Can you use bath bombs while pregnant? It is important to be conscious of the products you use during pregnancy. Many women are hesitant to use various products because they are unsure what they might do to their baby. Bath bombs and other personal care products are an obvious place you may start to question. […]

4 Summer Skin Care Tips You Should Know

summer skin care tips

The summer sun can be extremely detrimental to your skin, so summer skin care tips are necessary. Ultraviolet light helps supply vitamin D to our bodies, but there is a limit. Your outermost layer of skin contains melanin, a pigment. When UV rays meet melanin, it protects your skin. Overexposure to UV light can cause […]