About Us

La Savonnerie Divine produces handmade personal care products designed to smell and soothe as delightfully as they look.

Who We Are & What We Do

France has been known for its soap making for centuries, but the practice has been established since the 17th century. With such a deep history and reputation for soap making, the team believed La Savonnerie Divine, or “the divine soap factory,” was the perfect name.

Today’s popular soaps are not true soap. Instead, they are filled with synthetic materials, harsh chemicals, and irritants that harm the skin rather than nurture. Real soap is made naturally by mixing lye and natural oils through a process called saponification.

We use this process to produce our soap while also adding natural scents and colorants. Our personal care products are made from natural ingredients, are never tested on animals, and are modeled after popular sweet treats to give you even greater comfort when using them.

Real Soap Making Process

Our soap goes through the process known as saponification, the mixture of an alkali with oils or fats. This process is how natural handmade soap is produced. It can even be replicated in your own home with a few simple ingredients.

Natural Ingredients and Cruelty-Free

We avoid harsh chemicals and synthetic substances when making our soap. Our soap uses natural ingredients found in plants all over the planet. Additionally, none of our products are tested on animals for their safety and care.

Delightful Desserts

If you haven’t noticed yet, you’ll find most of our products are designed after popular sweet treats and desserts. They smell and soothe as well as they look. Treat your skin like you would your taste buds with our dessert soaps and bath bombs.

The soap from La Savonnerie Divine is truly divine. It soothes my dry skin, and it smells so good. I even bought some piña colada soap for my in-laws, and they loved it.


Rebecca B.

My son and daughter love the mini-themed bath bombs. Both of them always gave me a hard time with bath time, but these bath bombs make it easy.


Tammy W.

Finding soaps and bath bombs made from natural ingredients can be difficult. La Savonnerie Divine’s products are perfect because I know I’m treating my body with the best ingredients possible, and they look and smell wonderful.

Ellie L.

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    All Soaps & Bath Bombs 10 for $99.99 | Free Shipping on All Orders Over $75
    All Soaps & Bath Bombs 10 for $99.99 | Free Shipping on All Orders Over $75