Free U.S. Shipping On Orders Over $75

Free U.S. Shipping On Orders Over $75

Ivory 33 Soap Roses Bouquet


The Ivory 33 Soap Roses Bouquet incorporates ivory roses wrapped in glittery gift paper and a big bow. Gift this stunning bouquet to a loved one or yourself! It’s a gift that gives much longer than any natural bouquet of flowers. With great care, it can last forever while filling your home with a luscious fragrance of roses.


Why this bouquet is perfect for you or a loved one:

  • Lasts longer than real roses
  • Gives off an aroma of freshly-cut roses
  • Has a luxurious and elegant beauty
  • Is a unique gift perfect for any occasion

Emanating the fragrance of real roses, the Ivory 33 Soap Roses Bouquet is a truly unique gift for a loved one or friend. Fresh cut roses are only able to maintain their beauty for about a week before they wither and die. Your loved one can enjoy their beauty and scent for a long time, because these never die! 


The Ivory 33 Soap Roses Bouquet was designed to be decorative strictly. We recommend putting it in the guest bathroom, bedroom, or your office! You can even separate each of the rosebuds to spread throughout the house!


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