What does Mom really want for Mother’s Day? You could get her flowers that will die in a few days, again, but if she’s like most Moms what she really needs is a break. 

Moms at any age usually take on both careers and housework. They are the person everyone calls when they’re upset. When their children are younger they run around taking them to every appointment and extracurricular.

They need ways to care for themselves, for a change!

Fortunately these gifts will help her do just that. 

Sunflower Bouquet

Here’s a fresh bouquet that will last for up to a year. It’s made out of handmade, delicate soap instead of flowers. 

The scents and smells will still be going strong months later, and the delicate soaps will be useful as well as beautiful. The beautiful gift wrap helps to show Mom how much you really care. 

Body Butters

Any one of our whipped body butters will delight Mom’s senses while soothing her skin. The all-natural ingredients will leave her feeling soft and silky all day long, and the scents will cling to her, making her feel fresh and lovely. 

You have six scents to choose from, which means it’s easy to find one that fits Mom’s unique personality. 

Soap Desserts

It’s hard to know what foods to buy anyone right now…many people have food sensitivities or items they’re avoiding. Now you can bring Mom all the fun of dessert without worrying that she won’t be able to eat it or enjoy it!

Each of these soaps is fashioned to look like cake, or ice cream, or delicate macarons. The colors are bright and pretty, and the scents are charming and fun.

Milkshake Bath Bombs

A bath salt shake and a new scrubby form the basis of these fun milkshake bath bombs. Four distinct scents and fun packaging offer self-care with an irreverent twist. If your Mom loves to soak in the tub for hours this is the perfect gift for her.

Of course, if she prefers a box of more traditional bath bombs then those are certainly an option as well! 

Luxury Bath Pillow

Soaking in the tub will never be the same after Mom experiences one of our bath pillows. They offer outstanding support for the head, neck and shoulders and hang dry with ease. 

She might just be tempted to take a well-earned nap!

Can’t decide what to choose? 

You can get her an assortment with a lovely gift box. The gift box contains body butters and soap desserts, bath bombs and special, artisnal soaps. The heart shaped box with its wide pink ribbon certainly show Mom how much you love her.

Did you know you don’t even have to come into our Houston store to finish your shopping? You can order online and get free shipping on orders up to $75. Find the perfect gift for your mom by perusing our website today.

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All Soaps & Bath Bombs are 10 for $99.99 | Free Shipping on All Orders Over $75
All Soaps & Bath Bombs are 10 for $99.99 | Free Shipping on All Orders Over $75