La Savonnerie Divine has a vast catalog of soap and personal care products for you to enjoy. Our products are made using natural ingredients that are meant to soothe and moisturize. Not only do our products care for your skin, but they also look and smell great! Our decorative soap products are some of the most beautiful we have within our inventory.

All of our decorative soap products are designed to complement any room. Our soaps impress your guests while also filling the room with a fragrance they’ll remember long after they leave. While most of our soaps can act as a decoration, many of them benefit more from being used. However, a handful of soaps we design may do better as decoration than actually being used. Here are our favorite decorative soap products!

Sleepy Mouse on Cheese

Pop culture has created one of the oldest love stories in time: mice and cheese. That concept inspired us to create a decorative soap showing the love a mouse has for a slice of cheese. The result, an adorable little mouse, curled up on a block of swiss cheese. It is one of the cutest products we have in our inventory.

Decorative Soap Products Sleepy Mice On Cheese

Of all of our decorative soap products, it is one of our favorites because of how adorable it is. It would make a great decoration for your dining room table or on top of a decorative dish in your living room. Wherever you place it, you can enjoy its vanilla scent throughout your home.

We understand not everyone is comfortable with mice, so we made a version without the little guy on top. The cheese itself is beautifully crafted and smells just as good without the mouse. You can find both versions of Sleepy Mouse on Cheese here.

Steamed Towel Soap

A steamed towel is often a great way to pamper yourself at the spa. Most people don’t have steamed towels in their homes, which is what inspired us to create a product that can give the look of elegance while also smelling exceptional.

Our Steamed Towel Soap is made of natural ingredients with four different scents: cotton blossom, April fresh downy, fresh linen, and clean cotton. All of these smells implement a fragrance reminiscent of clean laundry on a Sunday afternoon. They’ll provide you with comfort while you care for yourself in the bathroom. Additionally, they’ll make your bathroom look more elegant due to their steamed towel design.

Decorative Soap Products Steamed Towel

Teddy Bear Heart Soap

Perfect for a Valentine’s Day gift or an anniversary, our Teddy Bear Heart Soap is gorgeously crafted. The surface of the teddy bear looks like hundreds of small roses all woven together to shape a teddy bear. In the hands of the bear, a rose-covered heart for your loved one.

As one of our favorite decorative soap products, the Teddy Bear Heart Soap is made with natural ingredients that evoke the smell of lavender or, appropriately, roses. Purchase this soap for a loved one or significant other. They’ll thank you from the bottom of their heart as a comforting scent hugs their nose.

Decorative Soap Products Teddy Bear Heart

Find More Decorative Soap Products

You can find more decorative soap products in our online store or visit one of our three physical stores in the Greater Houston area. A sales associate would love to help you find the right decorative soap for your home or loved one. We are always developing new products that our customers will fall in love with. So, always come back to our website or store to see what products are new. Be sure to visit our Shop page to see our entire online inventory.

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    All Soaps & Bath Bombs 10 for $99.99 | Free Shipping on All Orders Over $75