Can you use bath bombs while pregnant? It is important to be conscious of the products you use during pregnancy. Many women are hesitant to use various products because they are unsure what they might do to their baby. Bath bombs and other personal care products are an obvious place you may start to question.

We know you only want what is best for your child. There are many products you should avoid while pregnant, but they aren’t all obvious. Bath bombs have grown in popularity among bath users because they’re a great way to relax and amp up the bath in colorful ways.

But can you use bath bombs while pregnant? This question is more complicated than you might think.

Can You Use Bath Bombs While Pregnant?

Before we can answer if bath bombs are safe during pregnancy, we should address the ingredients found in bath bombs. From there, we can make a better decision.

Most bath bombs contain the following ingredients:

  • baking soda
  • citric acid
  • Epsom salt
  • cornstarch
  • water
  • essential oils
  • colorant (mica or food coloring)

None of these ingredients are harmful to pregnancies. However, it is important to note that some essential oils are known to cause contractions.

Can You Use Bath Bombs While Pregnant

If you want to avoid such a scare during your bath, you should avoid bath bombs with the following essential oils:

  • basil
  • bitter almond
  • cinnamon
  • clary sage
  • clove
  • juniper berry
  • rosemary
  • nutmeg
  • mustard
  • red thyme
  • and more!

For a more comprehensive list of what essential oils to use during pregnancy, visit With that said, there are other aspects of bath bombs you must consider before you begin running your bath.

A Professional’s Perspective

The ingredients in bath bombs are safe for pregnant women, but they can have side effects you’ll want to avoid. Healthline’s article, Are Baths Safe During Pregnancy, states the following:

You should also forget about the bubbles, bath bombs, and special oils for the bath for the time being. Soaking with these additions might cause you to get a yeast infection due to the way they can alter the acidic balance of your vagina. In addition to the fact that yeast infections aren’t fun, not all medicines that treat yeast infections are safe during pregnancy.

With the possibility of developing a yeast infection, we recommend against using bath bombs during your pregnancy. It is essential you take care of your baby until they are safely delivered at the end of your 40-week term.

bath bomb fizzing up in bath Can You Use Bath Bombs While Pregnant

Other Considerations

If you choose to use bath bombs during your pregnancy, be sure you take your time to get in and out of the tub. Bath bombs always leave a film of oils and bubbles behind, making the tub extremely slippery. You should ask your significant other to help you into or out of the tub. You can never be too careful during pregnancy.

Also, the best recommendation we can provide is to check with your obstetrician or gynecologist. They can provide you with a distinct answer on using bath bombs during pregnancy and other personal care products you may have questions about.

Enjoy Bath Bombs After Your Pregnancy

Even if you choose to avoid bath bombs during pregnancy or your doctor recommends against them, you can relax and soothe yourself after the birth of your child. La Savonnerie Divine develops several different types of bath bombs for you to enjoy. Visit our online shop to see what is available, or visit our store in Memorial City Mall in Houston, TX.

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