The Benefits of Bath Bombs

One of the easiest ways to take a little “you time” is to soak in a hot bath. Bath bombs make this self-care time even more effective. They also offer real benefits to your skin! 

Here’s what our bath bombs will do for you.

Smooth & Moisturize Skin

Our bath bombs were built for skin care. That’s why they’re made with coconut oil, one of the most beneficial substances for skin. 

Coconut oil is full of fatty acids, providing vital moisture to dried out, stressed out skin. That’s why after you use one of our bath bombs you’ll feel smooth and soft all day long. You’ll love the way your skin feels! 

Reduce Redness

Skin redness is usually a sign that your skin is reacting to a harsh environment that isn’t supporting its needs. Bath bombs are one way to counteract this trend. 

Our bath bombs are also full of antioxidants, which means that they reduce blotches, blemishes, and red spots. The sodium bicarbonate you’ll find in each bomb helps to remove dirt and oil build up from the outer layer of your skin, too. When you use a bath bomb, you essentially get a total skin detox. 

Our formula has been put together to eliminate free radicals in all skin types. 

Promote Skin Health

We added palm oil to our bath bombs to make them better exfoliants. The fatty acids soak deeply into your skin and reduce oxidants. 

Relaxes You & Makes You Feel Great All Day

When you choose your favorite scents and let those scents cling to you all day, you get an instant source of relaxation whenever you take a breath. You get to enjoy the sensation of bath bomb bliss outside of the bath as well as inside. 

Find your favorite bath bomb today!

We have traditional bath bombs, donut bath bombs, and milkshake bath bombs. Check out our store and try them all! You deserve to feel great in the skin that you’re in.