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Organic Ingredients: Benefiting Your Skin and the Environment

Organic Ingredients: Benefiting Your Skin and the Environment

Nowadays, consumers realize that it is really crucial to use products that are not only good for health, especially for the skin, but also safe for the environment: the range of such products is expanding. Coming across an organization like La Savonnerie Divine makes you feel secure about producing products derived from organic ingredients, with each use as a positive step towards a better you and a better world.

What Are Organic Ingredients?

Organic ingredients include those derived from plants, which maintain their purity. These plants have not been subjected to synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and such ingredients do not undergo intense processing.

They retain their inherent qualities, making them more useful for skincare purposes compared to organic ones. Organic contributes to higher purity because it comprises no chemicals, which may cause a decrease in the product’s performance.

The Benefits of Organic Ingredients for the Skin

  • Nourishment and Hydration: Components such as vitamins, minerals, and ingredients containing antioxidants are safe for the skin and do not cause its modification by rancid chemicals for its moisturizing.
  • Reduced Irritation: Infant products and foods derived from organic and natural sources do not contain synthetic chemicals that may trigger discomfort in the skin, including inflammation and allergy. Thus, they are ideal for all skin types, particularly sensitive skin.
  • Enhanced Effectiveness: They are gentle to the skin because they derive from organic matter. They harmonize with the skin and help show progressive improvement.

Environmental Benefits of Using Organic Ingredients

Purchasing organic products will encourage organic farming by minimizing its negative environmental effects. Organic farming abstains from toxic substances, maintains ground fertility, and decreases pollution impacts. It also contributes to farm and ecosystem conservation; hence, supporting it equally supports commercial organic farming.

Locally Sourced Ingredients: Supporting Community and Quality

Sourcing ingredients locally has significant benefits:

  • Community Support: Buying food items from farmers also encourages the farmers and thus encourages the development of society.
  • Freshness and Quality: Local materials are fresh & good quality as they are not transported long distances and are not stored for long.

At La Savonnerie Divine, the natural ingredients used are mainly sourced from farmers in the region so as to get fresh produce. Only the best quality is used in the production.

How to Identify Authentic Organic Products

To ensure you are using the right organic products, follow these steps:

  • Search for labels that show that the product is organic as an independent body should accredit them.
  • Scrutinize different ingredients more keenly to ensure they do not include synthetic substances.

Ensuring transparency among brands is necessary. Choose only those that share information about their sources and production.

La Savonnerie Divine’s Organic Offerings

At La Savonnerie Divine, we offer a wide range of products made with organic ingredients:

  • Artisan Soaps: We take extra special care to design our soaps using organic oils and additives, giving your skin an enjoyable wash.
  • Body Scrubs and Butter: Made with organic ingredients, our scrubs and butter bestow the skin with moisture and nutrition of the highest order.
  • Unique Products: Discover the array of products for different troubles, such as cellulite creams, Soap Flowers, or Bath Bombs.

DIY Organic Soap Recipes

Those who enjoy do-it-yourself tasks may find this easy method for creating organic soap at home:


Coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, sodium hydroxide, distilled water, and a half cup of the chosen favorite essential oils.


  1. In a pot, heat the coconut oil, olive oil and shea butter until they become soft and liquid.
  2. Now, in another bowl, slowly stir the lye with distilled water. Remember to add the lye slowly and in a controlled manner.
  3. Subtract the lye mixture into the melted oils and stir until it hardens to a trace.
  4. Add your preferred type and amount of oil to the mixture. Then, pour the resultant mixture into your preferred receptacle.
  5. You can use this after 4-6 weeks of preparation time.

Include various essential oils and different botanicals in the list of ingredients that define the kind of soap you prefer.


In conclusion, it is advisable to buy organic food or food grown in your locality. Organic foods serve your skin and the environment well. Additionally, they improve the standard of living by prolonging the period the environment takes to regain its natural form. Furthermore, using organic products retains their natural goodness. For a full list of organic products, please visit our website store or the store, which is located at La Savonnerie Divine.