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Microbiome-Friendly Products - Supporting the Skin's Natural Microbiome with Prebiotics and Postbiotics

Microbiome-Friendly Products – Supporting the Skin’s Natural Microbiome with Prebiotics and Postbiotics

The trends are the stories currently circulating within the beauty industry niches, wonderful, promising, and eager to provide better and healthier. Skin health is another area where trends are already emerging, including microbiome-friendly products. There is an emphasis on pre- and postbiotics, which foster the preservation and sustenance of the skin’s microbe population. This blog post will first explain what microbiome-friendly skin care is and why such a phenomenon exists. After that, it will explain how and why La Savonnerie Divine is pushing for a positive change to happen for people who require gentle care products for their skin.

Understanding the Skin Microbiome

Epidermal flora, also known as the skin microbiome, is a mesh-like network of bacteria, fungi, and viruses present in an individual’s skin layers. These microorganisms have multifaceted functions. They help maintain homeostasis by suppressing pathogen counts, modulating inflammation, and enhancing the skin barrier. The inability to maintain a healthy skin microbiota causes skin problems like acne, rashes, and eczema. It also leads to the earliest signs of aging skin.

The Rise of Microbiome-Friendly Skincare

The skin care industry is turning more attention towards the consumer and the ratio of the skin microbiome. Consequently, this focus is driving the development of products that protect the skin and bolster its ecosystem. Fundamentally, the principle concept of microbiome-friendly products is to enhance skin health by supporting a good microbial presence on the skin. Moreover, the prebiotics and postbiotics in these products are vital. Specifically, they perform manifold functions on the skin.

Benefits of Prebiotics and Postbiotics

Prebiotics encourage and activate useful bacteria that enter at different stages of the food chain. They also help correct the activity of the skin’s defense mechanisms. Some of the most typical prebiotics are inulin, FOS, resistant starch, and plant-derived oligosaccharides.

Postbiotics are stable and are the secondary products of live beneficial bacteria with fermentation conditions. Lactobacillus ferment and bifida ferment lysate can improve the skin’s matrix and skin lipids. These ingredients also help diminish skin itching and redness. The prebiotics and postbiotics in skincare products combine to create a beneficial effect. This combination has the potential to affect the skin microbiome positively.

Ingredients to Look For in Microbiome-Friendly Products

Thus, when using skin products that focus on microbiome-friendly products, there are a number of particular ingredients that are more helpful to the health of the skin’s microbiome. The regular uses are inulin, fructooligosaccharides, organic acids, herbs, and other plants like chicory root extract or agave. To locate postbiotics, you ought to contain lactobacillus ferment, bifida ferment lysate, and other fermented merchandise in your products. You should add these components to your diet or include them in your specific cosmetic or skincare products. It will enhance skin qualities, including their resistance to diseases and infections.

How Does La Savonnerie Divine Support Microbiome Health?

Here at La Savonnerie Divine, we stand firm on avoiding all harm to the microbiome in skincare products. We formulate all our products with nourishing prebiotics and ingredients to feed and strengthen your skin’s beneficial microbiome. Our fine craft, all-natural soaps, body scrubs, and body butter crafteskin’ become an effective part of your skin’s microbial phalanx. In doing so, you are contributing to the nourishment and overall welfare of the skin with specific emphasis on the skin microbiome.

The Future of Microbiome-Friendly Skincare

It is also anticipated that microbiome-friendly skincare items will sustain their rising trend due to the higher use of solutions that nurture the skin’s microbiome health. Research advancements in ingredients and the products made from them will be key to the industry’s progress. This will provide people with more effective ways to keep their skin healthy. Consumers are also key in shaping this change since they now insist on the brands they patronize to have sustainable products. In unity, we will work closely and promote the use of microbiome-friendly skincare across the industry.


It is not just a gimmick to sell skincare products or the newest buzz. It is about investing in the future and the health of the skin microbiome. Wheskin’select products that protect the skin’s microbiome tend to make a difference in skin health and, more so, in overall well-being. Other companies, such as La Savonnerie Divine, are happy to be associated with such a movement. They are already producing products that are in line with Let’s practices of the microbiome. Let’s all embrace the natural skin microbiome and integrate caring and conscious decisions in our personal care products.