Pink 11 Roses Bouquet


The Pink Rose Soap Bouquet is the perfect gift for a spouse, elegantly hand-arranged and wrapped in complimentary gift paper. Gift them this decorative bouquet of pink roses for an anniversary, birthday, or surprise them out of the blue. Regardless of the occasion, the beauty of this bouquet will last for months or even years, long enough for you to enjoy its rose fragrance.

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The Pink 11 Roses Bouquet is a gift like no other! This rose bouquet doesn't wilt away like that of an actual rose bouquet. Our Pink 11 Roses Bouquet lasts for months or even years while maintaining its beauty and fragrance.

Choose between our regular and small flower bouquet. No matter which size you choose, it does not detract from their ability to fill a room with a graceful rose scent. These pink soap roses are handmade and arranged in this perfectly crafted bouquet.

This item is strictly designed for decorative purposes, making it perfect for home décor in your bathroom, office, or bedroom. They are rose-scented, giving them a natural fragrance that quickly fills the room. You and your guests' noses will appreciate the scent as it only adds an element of elegance to the room.

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