Bath Fizzy Donut


You will be raving for a bath after using one of our Bath Fizzy Donuts. Add an effervescent experience to your bath time with these colorful, moisturizing donuts.

Spruce up your bath time with our Bath Fizzy Donut bath bombs. These bath bombs are a blast to make and even more enjoyable to use. Each bath bomb is individually decorated and hand-wrapped by our team. As you place our bath bombs into the water, the glitter and bright colors swirl around each other, creating an aurora borealis in the tub. Of course, there is more to enjoy than just the bright colors. The natural ingredients included with each donut bath bomb are perfect for all skin types.

Benefits of Coconut Oil on Skin

Like cocoa butter, coconut oil is made up of fatty acids, which are beneficial for moisturizing the skin. These fatty acids draw moisture to the skin and lock it in rather than washing it away like many synthetic soaps. Its ability to absorb into the skin quickly further advances its perfect moisturizing properties.

Coconut oil for the skin also provides the following benefits:

  • supplies antioxidants
  • reduces redness
  • smoothes skin
  • reduces wrinkles
  • smells wonderful
  • perfect for sensitive skin

Palm Oil Benefits

Palm oil for the skin reduces signs of aging by exfoliating the skin and being a rich source of antioxidants. Wrinkles, fold lines, and aging spots are reduced with the regular application of palm oil. Since palm oil is primarily made of fatty acids, it can soak into your skin rather than oxidize from prolonged heat and oxygen.

How to Use a Bath Bomb

Using our donut bath bombs is easy! Follow the three simple steps below:

Step 1: Draw a bath of warm water or to the temperature you prefer.

Step 2: Unwrap the individually wrapped Bath Fizzy Donut.

Step 3: Place the donut bath bomb into the warm water and let it fizzle. The colors, decorations, and glitter will cover the surface of the water for your enjoyment.

Donut Bath Bomb Ingredients

  • baking soda
  • citric acid
  • cornstarch
  • sodium laureth sulfate
  • cocoa butter
  • coconut oil
  • palm oil
  • colorant
  • fragrance
  • sugar decorations
  • glitter

ALLERGIES AND SKIN SENSITIVITIES - Please be aware that our website and product labels contain important information regarding ingredients. If you, or the person(s) you're buying on behalf of, have any known allergies or sensitivities, we highly encourage you to make an informed purchase. All of our products are made with equipment that handles nut oils, herbs, botanicals, beeswax, and other raw materials. If you have an allergic reaction, discontinue use immediately.

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